12 Healthy Body Facts You Never Knew

Healthy Body Facts

12 Healthy Body Facts You Never Knew

Since the early beginning of mankind, information regarding the human body and its fascinating structure intrigued scientists everywhere. From the way it functions to the trillions of nerves present inside the brain, everything had been researched upon by great minds. But even with the latest of technology and science, the human biology is still vast and unknown. Kids and adults from a very young age study about the obvious development and health related facts of the human body. But do we know everything?

The following are some 12 healthy body facts we bet you never knew :

  1. It is not possible to sneeze with your eyes open. You can try it out the next time you sneeze only to realize that it’s not possible.
  2. Laughing burns 100 times as many calories as spending 15 minutes on a stationary bicycle. So go on laugh as much as you want instead of exercising because those calories won’t burn themselves.
  3. An average adult over the course of his lifetime has 7 fillings done in his mouth.
  4. If your ears itch unusually a lot then that could indicate the possibility of a yeast growing inside.
  5. Sex offers great pleasure but did you ever think of burning calories that way? Not us. Studies show that a 30 minute active period of sexual activity can burn up to 200 calories. You heard it. So don’t waste time beating around the bush and ensure a safe yet healthy sex.
  6. Bodies emit a tiny amount of light which is too weak for the human eye to notice. This was studied further by Japanese scientists who found out that the body glow we sometimes notice in people is actually true and is highest at 4pm and lowest at 10am during the day.
  7. Our mouth produces over 1 lt of saliva just in a single day. Saliva helps in breaking down food easily along with the enzymes and bacteria present naturally inside the mouth that enable effective chewing.
  8. The human body sheds almost 4kg of skin cells every year. The fish spa treatment helps in the removal of unwanted dead skin cells from our bodies. These days, the beauty industry aims at producing face masks that remove dead skin cells for a soft and supple glowing skin and all of this is possible only because the body sheds a lot of skin cells.
  9. Big eyes can cause myopia. Yes, you heard it right. Big eyes are considered beautiful but they come with the downside of having myopia. Myopia is also called near sightedness and a very common condition among humans where distant objects aren’t focused properly thus resulting in a blurry image. This occurs when the elongated eyes take in too much light than required.
  10. There are 67 different species of bacteria living in the belly button of an average human being.
  11. The human teeth and a shark’s teeth have the same amount of strength when measured.
  12. Blushing is a trait observed only in human beings.
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