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  • Since the early beginning of mankind, information regarding the human body and its fascinating structure intrigued scientists everywhere. From the way it functions to the trillions of nerves present inside the brain, everything had been researched upon by great minds. But even with the latest of technology and science, the human biology is still vast and unknown. Kids and adults from a very young age study about the obvious development and health related facts of the human body. But do we know everything? The following are some 12 healthy body facts we bet you never knew :

    1. It is not possible to sneeze with your eyes open. You can try it out the next time you sneeze only to realize that it’s not possible.
    2. Laughing burns 100 times as many calories as spending 15 minutes on a stationary bicycle. So go on laugh as much as you want instead of exercising because those calories won’t burn themselves.
    3. An average adult over the course of his lifetime has 7 fillings done in his mouth.
    4. If your ears itch unusually a lot then that could indicate the possibility of a yeast growing inside.
    5. Sex offers great pleasure but did you ever think of burning calories that way? Not us. Studies show that a 30 minute active period of sexual activity can burn up to 200 calories. You heard it. So don’t waste time beating around the bush and ensure a safe yet healthy sex.
    6. Bodies emit a tiny amount of light which is too weak for the human eye to notice. This was studied further by Japanese scientists who found out that the body glow we sometimes notice in people is actually true and is highest at 4pm and lowest at 10am during the day.
    7. Our mouth produces over 1 lt of saliva just in a single day. Saliva helps in breaking down food easily along with the enzymes and bacteria present naturally inside the mouth that enable effective chewing.
    8. The human body sheds almost 4kg of skin cells every year. The fish spa treatment helps in the removal of unwanted dead skin cells from our bodies. These days, the beauty industry aims at producing face masks that remove dead skin cells for a soft and supple glowing skin and all of this is possible only because the body sheds a lot of skin cells.
    9. Big eyes can cause myopia. Yes, you heard it right. Big eyes are considered beautiful but they come with the downside of having myopia. Myopia is also called near sightedness and a very common condition among humans where distant objects aren’t focused properly thus resulting in a blurry image. This occurs when the elongated eyes take in too much light than required.
    10. There are 67 different species of bacteria living in the belly button of an average human being.
    11. The human teeth and a shark’s teeth have the same amount of strength when measured.
    12. Blushing is a trait observed only in human beings.

  • Much has been said about healthy eating and dietary changes that lead to a healthy lifestyle. But not everything you read and see is true. There are many controversial studies and studies, some of which are often funded by each specific product stakeholder just to create a market for this food. Not all of these products can help you. Likewise, there are some eating habits that we choose by observing health professionals and celebrities who recognize them as "healthy". But is it real? We tend to follow different nutritional tips depending on what sounds right to us and what can be dangerous. More importantly, we need to take a closer look at everything we read and observe and decide whether it is necessary to pursue weight loss or certain health tips. Here are some "healthy" eating habits that you might experience, but it's better without them.

    1. Avoiding dairy products

    Replacing dairy products like milk and cottage cheese for almond milk has become a trend. But it is not healthy at all. The amount of protein in almond milk does not match the amount found in real milk from animal milk.  
    1. Avoiding a gluten-free diet

    It is only needed for people with celiac disease, which is a congenital disease that affects a small portion of the western population, especially in America. It is true that the amount of carbohydrates in your diet must be kept to a minimum. However, completely avoiding whole grains is a big mistake. Not to mention gluten free food is very expensive and doesn't need to be put in your pocket.
    1. Discard egg yolks Egg yolks

    Egg yolks are full of good fats, vitamins and minerals that are important for your body. Getting rid of egg yolks because of concerns about increasing cholesterol levels in the body is not a healthy practice, contrary to what you might believe. Egg yolk also contains cholesterol which has proven deadly as a large number of people have died due to cholesterol and cholesterol related diseases around the world in the last decade.  
    1. Fruit juice and vegetable juice

    Cold diets are now becoming very popular lately. But fruit and vegetable juices throw away a lot of the nutrients you get when you eat your fresh raw products. One of the most important nutrients removed when vegetable juice is fiber is very important to maintain digestive health and increase satiety in the body.
    1. Eating low fat foods

    They don't help you lose weight at all. In fact, it can make you fill sugar unnecessarily! Losing fat from your diet is not very beneficial for your overall health. All you need to do is to choose foods that contain good fats, such as dark chocolate, avocados, nuts, almonds, etc. So these are the 5 most important tips for having a healthy eating habit and to stay healthy and fit.